Banking Days


Summary: How does the application process work?

After you created your account, you will regularly get emails with all the instructions for the different phases. You will also get reminders per email, for example, to accept your invitations. So, make sure to check your spam folder to not miss any deadlines:



• 11.04. – 01.05. : Application period: Create your profile, upload the required documents, and apply for the events.

• 02.05. – 15.05. : Candidate selection 1: The companies are screening their applicants and are going to invite you to their events.

• 16.05. – 19.05. : Confirmation phase 1: Accept or cancel your invitations. If you do not accept them, they will be canceled automatically! 


• 20.05. – 24.05. : Candidate selection 2: The companies can see who accepted their invitations and can send out more invitations.


• 25.05. – 29.05. : Confirmation phase 2: Accept or cancel your invitations. If you do not accept them, they will be canceled automatically! 

Which documents do I need for the application?

The minimum requirement is an up-to-date curriculum vitae and transcript of record.

Should the application documents be in German or English?

It depends on the companies you are applying for. In general, Anglo-Saxon companies prefer English application documents. However, please consult the description of the event and application modalities for the exact requirement.

Who has access to my documents and data?

Only the companies you are applying to will be able to view your documents and data. Your data and status of applications/invitations will also be available to the admins and organisers of the Banking Days event. In order to ensure a smooth running of the Banking Days, our technical partner, 48DESIGN GmbH has theoretically access to all stored data in the system. In practice, however, an insight is only given if this is necessary for the analysis or correction of technical problems. A transfer to other third parties does not take place.

Who decides on my participation?

The decision is taken by the respective company. The applicant receives feedback directly from the company.

Do I have to confirm my participation?

Yes! This is required, as otherwise your participation will be cancelled. Confirm your participation on the applicant portal.

Can I update my data/documents after sending an application?

No. Once an application has been sent to a company, the applicant profile cannot be changed anymore.

Do I have to cancel my participation if I am not able to attend the event?

Yes! We would like to ask students who are unable to participate to events they have been invited to, to cancel their participation with the respective companies.

What is the dress code?

For men the standard is a suit with shirt, a tie is optional. For women, blouses and blazers or a dress are the norm.

Is there any catering on site before or during the events?

Yes! There is catering on site.

Can I get my travel expenses reimbursed by RISK?

No. RISK does not reimburse travel expenses.

How do I get to the venue?

All the events are hosted at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). If the company does not provide you with further information, please be at the Audimax (Str. am Forum 1) 10 minutes before the official beginning of the event.

Who can I contact for further questions?

Questions can be asked by e-mail: or via Instagram: risk.kit

I can't upload my files what can I do?

Try to change the files name. In most cases this will work. Otherwise don't be shy to contact us. 

I can't upload my Transcript of Records what can I do? 

We have contacted our IT provider. He will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. A workaround may already work for you by "repairing" your PDF at and then uploading the repaired file to the portal. Another workaround would be to set the PDF as 1.4 standard in the conversion settings. This helped in another case.

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